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100% Wool Blanket for Traveling by Car Train Airplane Office Nap Home Bed Sofa Keep Warming in All Year with Herringbone Pattern


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Basic Information

Product Name: Wool blanket

Fabric Materials: 100%Wool

Origin of Raw Materials: Inner Mongolia

Net Weight of Products: 640g

Standard Sizes: 127cm*178cm(About 50*70 inches)


       1. The fabric of the wool blanket is 100% wool, but the material of the edge sealing lines around the wool blanket is artificial fiber thread.

       2. Due to the elasticity of wool blankets and the fact that standard sizes and weight of the product are measured manually, there may be some errors during the measurement process. We guarantee that the net weight of the blanket is not less than 620g, the length value is not less than 175cm, and the width value is not less than 124cm. However, in general, the net weight, length, and width are above the minimum value.

       3. If you place an order to purchase this wool blanket, it means that you accept the above information of the wool blanket. Otherwise, please do not purchase.

Product Details

This wool blanket feels particularly delicate when touched by hand.

This wool blanket is very soft and skin friendly.

(People with extremely sensitive skin, please consider based on their own situation)

This wool blanket has good breathability and can adjust the temperature, making it particularly comfortable to cover the body.

 This wool blanket has a herringbone pattern, a classic design, and a retro style.

This wool blanket comes in three colors to choose from.

How to tell whether the wool blanket is made of pure wool?

      The prices of pure wool blankets and chemical fiber blankets are very different. We can identify the composition of wool blankets through combustion tests. Extract some fibers from the surface of the wool blanket and ignite it. The wool blanket made of pure wool not only has the same smell as burning hair when burned, but also the ashes left after burning can be crushed with fingers without agglomeration. If there is no such phenomenon, it is a chemical fiber blanket.

Wool blanket use scene

     1. You can put on a wool blanket to keep warm during lunch break in the office.

     2. When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, you can use the wool blanket as a quilt on the bed, because the wool blanket can not only keep warm but also can adjust the heat and cold, so the wool blanket is more comfortable than the quilt, and it can also improve the quality of sleep. During other seasons, wool blankets can also be used as throws when sleeping in bed.

   3. This blanket is only 640g, especially suitable for carrying around. When traveling or on business trips, the temperature on public transportation such as cars, trains, and airplanes may be very low. You can cover your seat with a wool blanket to keep it warm.

     4. When the weather is cold, you can put on a wool blanket with your family, sit on the sofa in the living room and watch TV, or you can put on a wool blanket outdoors to keep warm.

Washing methods and storage advice

     1.Dry cleaning is strongly recommended, wool blankets will shrink in washing.

    2. When choosing to wash wool blankets with water, it is important to use neutral detergents or wool specific detergents.

    3.The water temperature should be controlled at around 30°C. Gently pat and rub, try not to rub, and soak for 10 minutes if the dirt is serious.

     4.Be sure to wash separately.

     5.Do not wring out, after washing, squeeze excess water out by hand.

     6.Do not hang and expose to the sun, lay flat to dry.

    7.When ironing, adjust the steam iron to a low temperature, and iron at a distance of 1-2cm from the wool blanket, or you can cover a towel on the wool blanket before ironing.

     8. When storing, cover the wool blanket with a plastic bag and place it flat in the wardrobe. Be sure to put camphor sheets, moth-proof and mildew-proof sheets around the wardrobe.


Hei Se, Qian Tuo Se, Qian Hui Se



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