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Anime Game Genshin Impact Kaveh Faruzan


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Attention : Pillowcase Only !

No Filler , No Inner !

Genshin Impact Dakimakura Cover Pillowcas


Color: As photo
Size :
180 cm X 60 cm
160 cm x 50 cm
150 cm x 50 cm
120 cm x 40 cm

Material : Peach Skin

1:Peach skin velvet is a thin fabric composed of microfiber. It is softer without polyurethane wet treatment.

2:Because of its shorter fleece, there is almost no fleece on the surface, but the skin can perceive it, so that the feel and appearance are more delicate and chic.

3:Peach skin velvet has soft and elegant luster. Compared with artificial suede, it gives consumers a sense of novelty and is suitable for people's curious consumer psychology. As a result, it soon became popular in the international market.

How to Washing :

1:Peach skin velvet fabric can be washed because of its short nap, but it is best to wash it by hand.

2: Attention shall be paid to the peach skin pile when drying. The peach skin pile shall be placed in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sun exposure, because the peach skin pile will turn yellow after direct sun exposure for a long time, affecting the appearance of the fabric


Pillow Case Only!(Stuffing is not included.) if you want to the pillows with filler ,please go to our store to choose ! thank you!

If you need but the pillow core , please click below link !

More Anime Pillow you can choose , please go to our store !



Pillowcase No.3, Pillowcase No.2, Pillowcase No.1, Pillowcase No.4, Pillowcase No.5, Pillowcase No.6, Pillowcase No.7, Pillowcase No.8, Pillowcase No.9


120X40cm Pillowcase, 150X50cm Pillowcase, 160X50cm Pillowcase, 180X60cm Pillowcase


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