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Luxury Brand Designer Blanket Super Fine Pure Lamb Wool


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Product information

Name:Thick Wool Tassle Fleece Blanket


Material:100% Fine Lamb Hair

Product Note

1. The size of this product is measured manually, please allow the error of 1-2cm.

2. The pictures of the products are all taken by entity, different monitor shows different colors, so the color may be a little different from the real color.


The inevitable pilling of wool/cashmere is not a quality problem! As long as the natural hair ingredients are more or less pilling, this is common sense.

The solution is to try to avoid repeatedly rubbing the sweater with rough items (rubbing with the shoulder strap of the leather bag, the table, etc.).No brand of pure velvet can guarantee that it will not afford the ball, but I hope to know!

Washing instructions:

Machine washing of wool and cashmere leads to deformation and shrinkage of the product.Do not machine wash!

Wool products are more delicate and will produce pilling under normal circumstances.The best way is dry cleaning.Dry cleaning is recommended. If you must wash with water, there may be floating hair in addition to this washing, you must use professional silk and wool detergent, or high-grade colorless shampoo, and wash gently. Avoid soaking, please dilute the detergent, the plot time is as short as possible, and dry with a laundry blue.


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