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Summer Quilts Ice Silk Air Conditioning


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Single piece sale:

150x200cm quilt 1PC : Only one quilt, no other products included.

180x220cm quilt 1PC : only one quilt, no other products included.

200X230cm quilt 1PC : only one summer quilt, excluding other products.

Only 2PC Pillowcase : Only two 48x74cm pillowcases, no other products included
3 piece/set sale:

150x200cm 3PC:1x150x200cm Quilt + 2xPillowcases 

180x220cm 3PC:1x180x220cm Quilt + 2xPillowcases 

200x230cm 3PC:1x200x230cm Quilt + 2xPillowcases

(Pillowcases Size 48x74cm,NO Bed Sheet)

4 piece/set sale:

150x200cm 4PC:1x150x200cm Quilt + 2xPillowcases + 1xBed sheet

180x220cm 4PC:1x180x220cm Quilt + 2xPillowcases + 1xBed sheet 

200x230cm 4PC:1x200x230cm Quilt + 2xPillowcases + 1xBed sheet 

(Pillowcases Size 48x74cm,Bed sheet Size 245x245cm)
Material: Ice silk fabric


Green, Hot Pink, White, Blue, Red, Grey, Champagne, Dark Grey


150x200cm 1pc Quilt, 180x220cm 1pc Quilt, 200x230cm 1pc Quilt, 150x200cm 3pc a Set, 180x220cm 3pc a Set, 200x230cm 3pc a Set, 150x200cm 4pc a Set, 180x220cm 4pc a Set, 200x230cm 4pc a Set


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